A few of my favorite pieces of modern jewelry, recovered on the beach and inside the water using Minelab metal detectors. 

Tiffany & Co platinum band with a 1.5 carat diamond, this bobby dazzler was recovered from the water at a Florida beach and appraised for a cool $10.000

This heavy 22K gold coin ring with 40 diamonds is one of my favorite water hunting finds, I remember the sweet clanking sound underwater as it rolled around in my scoop basket. 

Scottish masonic ring with 3/4 carat mine cut diamond, this antique ring was completely encased in coral when first found with only the diamond visible on the green ball of coral.

Three of my favorite pieces of "Man bling" recovered from the water, mint condition Rolex Submariner, 18K gold chain with diamond studded mariners cross and an 18K jade shipwreck ring.  


Another couple of 18K "Bobby Dazzler" water hunting finds and another $10.000 worth of gold and diamonds rescued from Davy Jones locker. 


Every year I recover at least a pound of gold jewelry searching Florida beaches, this four ounces of gold represents two separate full moon low tide water hunts. 


 Beach and water hunting gold, I recovered 50 pieces of gold jewelry and 137 pieces of silver jewelry over a 6 day period after hurricane Sandy.

Vintage Cartier emerald and diamond band, found on the beach searching behind three other people metal detecting. Sweeping a search coil low and low are the keys to beach jewelry hunting.

Another bobby dazzler from the beach, an 18K white gold engagement ring with three chunks of ice worth a cool $5000.00 This iceberg came out of the dry sand at a small beach entrance, who says its all in the water. 


I am holding a yard of 14K gold in my hand, a 36 inch gold chain that came out of Davy Jones locker a few summers ago. I found two gold chains on a four hour water hunt at two different beaches, this 2.5 ounce 14K gold chain and a 1.5 ounce 18K gold chain. Four ounces of gold chains in four hours metal detecting at the beach and I was home by 8am, the early bird gets the gold worms.

Another three ounces of gold jewelry recovered on a two hour Friday afternoon water hunt, high tide and rough surf but he who dares wins! 


Get in my scoop! this superb 18K gold chain and cross with diamonds is what jewelry hunting at tourist beaches is all about. Using site reading skills and good metal detecting technique to detect deep targets on the edge of detection range.


 My wife agrees, diamonds are a girls best friend, they also get you plenty of permission to go metal detecting lol! 


 More man bling for the metal detecting ninja, 18K gold lots of small ice

 Another one for the ladies, 14K gold ring with 1.9 carat diamond, appraised at $13.000.00 and recovered on the beach along the high tide line. 

 Again, site reading skills and metal detecting ninja techniques add up to more diamond rings in the scoop.
A platinum, gold and diamond Versace pendant from Davy Jones locker, as they say in the real estate business location, location, location. It also helps if you know the difference between a null in your metal detector threshold from a piece of iron and a valuable target just past its discrimination range.

      Talking of platinum, I love the feel of heavy platinum bands in my hand. 


        How about finishing up with a few gold chains from the beach bank,    
        including a 3 ounce white gold chain with sapphire clasp & pendant.



Sunglasses alert!  The 2019 beach & water hunting campaign is off to flying start with a mega piece of designer bling recovered from Davy Jones locker.
Check out this 18K gold Versace chain weighing 3 ounces.
A cool $12.000.00 worth of jewelry for the metal detecting ninja


 You've seen the finds are you ready to see what you are missing?

Email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net for metal detecting lessons or good old fashioned beach or water hunting advice which is always free!

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