Hi and welcome to my website, book store and treasure finds pages. 

My name is Gary Drayton, treasure hunter and author located in sunny south Florida USA. 
I am originally from Grimsby Lincolnshire in the UK, where I spent my spare time searching for old bottles and clay pipes on river banks known as "Mud larking" before getting into metal detecting. 
Many years spent combing river banks for old bottles by eye, sharpened my site reading and observational skill's, I use many of the same beach and water reading techniques today. 
I am not a conventional beach or shallow water hunter and prefer to have an "Outside the box" approach to metal detecting.
Constantly changing search techniques, trying new equipment and different areas of the beach, but always relying on my basic site reading and metal detecting techniques to find treasure. 
I explain many of my beach and water hunting theories and techniques in my treasure hunting books.
I also have a youtube channel where I regular post cool beach and water hunting videos, check out my channel and subscribe today, its free! 
You only have to look at my treasure hunting finds to see my beach and water hunting techniques work. 
On my other website www.garydraytonmetaldetecting.com I offer a wide variety of treasure hunting adventures, metal detecting and metal detector instruction.
Come join me in Florida and I will share my knowledge of beach and water hunting with you and help you to become a better treasure hunter.   


     "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" 
                       Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

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