Welcome to my books and merch page, the perfect place to invest for beach hunting success and look good doing it!    
My books are chock full of my personal beach and water hunting techniques, gathered from spending countless hours using a metal detector on the beach and in the water.
Research, site selection, metal detecting technique, hard work and determination, make sure my books are full of practical information.
The photos of jewelry, coins and artifacts in my books are a testament to my outside the box style of treasure hunting. 
Buying a metal detector is your first step into a rewarding hobby, investing in my books will insure you hit the beach running.   

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                  A GUIDE TO SEARCHING


Learn where and how to search heavily hunted beaches from the "Metal detecting ninja".
This book contains the secrets to beating the competition to jewelry and coins at heavily hunted beach around the world.
Learn how to succeed with a metal detector in the face of stiff competition, in this unique guide to the highly competitive hobby of beach treasure hunting. 
You can hang with the pack on metal detecting forums or you can see how the big dog leads from the front!
I explain the best times to hunt, best places to search and include loads of metal detecting ninja tricks to staying one step ahead of the competition at heavily hunted beaches.
Soft back 86 pages of sand kicking information!  
$19.95 plus $3.00 S & H in the US



This book shows you where and how to find old coins and artifacts at the beach using a metal detector. 
Learn the secrets to beach and water hunting success, using my unique site reading and metal detecting techniques. 
My old coins, jewelry and artifacts have been featured on TV treasure hunting shows and in many treasure hunting magazines.
Now you can learn how I recover shipwreck coins, old jewelry and relics at the beach.
Everything a beach relic hunter needs to know, from reading beaches and search techniques, to recovering targets.
Anyone can find modern jewelry and clad coins at the beach, it takes a very different approach to recover older targets on a regular basis.
If you are interested in searching for older coins and artifacts, this book will show you how to do it.

Soft back 82 pages    $19.95 + $3.00 S & H in the US 

Email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net for international shipping charges. 


Find jewelry at the beach using my proven jewelry hunting techniques. 
The book includes the following
Site selection and identifying jewelry hunting hot spots at the beach.
Tips on how to search on the beach and inside the water.
Tuning your metal detector to detect gold.
How to avoid iron and target masking.
Learn how to detect notoriously hard to find gold chains.
My methods of searching heavily hunted beaches.
Metal detector settings advice.
"Outside the box" jewelry hunting techniques.
Plus many more tips and tricks to help you become a proficient jewelry hunter at the beach. 

             $19.95 + $3.00 postage USA & Canada 
1715hunterbellsouth.net for international shipping charge



                  WATER HUNTING


A guide on how to become a proficient water hunter, from equipment choices to water hunting techniques.
Low and high tide water hunting tips, search patterns, target recovery techniques and many more tricks to the water hunting trade.
This book is ideal for people new to the hobby and more advanced water hunters, no matter what metal detector you use.
There is much more to water hunting than walking in a straight line just inside the water two hours before low tide.
Site reading and observational skills come into play, equipment choice is extremely important and the need to use sound basic metal detecting techniques to be successful.
Good beach hunters make great water hunters and I explain how to make a smooth transition from beach to shallow water hunter. 
My metal detecting ninja style of beach and water hunting, helps me to recover thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in the water every year. 
Much of this jewelry coming from very heavily hunted tourist beaches, but I still kick serious jewelry hunting butt every year. 
I measure water hunting success in valuable finds and one l
ook at my jewelry find pages will tell you I walk the walk. 
My water hunting finds show my water hunting techniques are very effective, buy a copy of my new book and see what you are missing in the water.  

              $19.95 = $3.00 S & H USA & Canada
 Overseas shipping please email for airmail shipping rates 


A follow up book to my successful Minelab CTX 3030 beach and water hunters guide.  
This advanced Minelab CTX 3030 user guide
 takes your basic CTX 3030 foundations to a whole new treasure hunting level.  
The CTX 3030 has revolutionized the way beach and water hunters are able to search trashy beach sites.
The old saying that you have to dig the trash to find the treasure, does not apply to CTX 3030 users.
Through various chapters in this advanced CTX 3030 user guide, I explain the best control settings and search techniques for a wide variety of beach and water hunting situations.
I assume you know the CTX 3030 basics and you are ready to push this remarkable metal detector to the limits.
My advanced user book is full of my proven CTX 3030 beach and water hunting techniques, its time to take the training wheels off!


$19.95 + $3.00 S & H  $7.00 S & H worldwide 
email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net for international shipping.  


The Minelab Excalibur is one of the most seen metal detectors on any beach in the world, and for good reason. 
I am a long time Excalibur user, many of my tips to using the Excalibur are published in various metal detecting magazines and other authors books. 
I doubt there is a finer ring ever found on a US beach,  than the 300 year old emerald treasure ring that fell to my "Big Sword" on a Treasure Coast beach back in 2005. 

My favorite Excalibur user tips and tricks have always been a closely guarded secret until the release of this book. 
Being a maverick beach and water hunter, my style of using the Excalibur is quite different to other Excalibur users. 
You will not find any "Set & forget" advice in the Excalibur Pro User Guide, just practical and tactical advice to suit the beach and water conditions in front of you. 

Let's see what you can really do at the beach with a Minelab Excalibur!

Learn how to get the best out of the Minelab Excalibur, using my expert Excalibur control setting and treasure hunting advice.

Chapters including;

Mounting options, pros and cons
The Excalibur controls explained
From beginner to advanced Excalibur control settings
10-inch and 8-inch search coil advice
How to use the Excalibur in various beach and shallow water hunting situations
Sweep speed and search coil control
Excalibur quick start guide
Searching in the Excalibur Pinpoint mode
Low tone gold jewelry hunting
How to pinpoint targets with the Excalibur
The Excalibur iron mask
Excalibur maintenance

Plus many more chapters full of expert Excalibur advice for beach and shallow water hunters.

86 pages
$19.95 +$3.00 S & H US                     

             $7.00 S & H Worldwide      

Email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net for overseas payment and more information



Learn how to
 increase your treasure hunting chances by understanding how to read the best places to find treasure on the beach and in the shallow water.
How to spot good beach and water hunting conditions and take advantage of the treasure hunting situation. 
I credit my site reading and observation skill's for many of my greatest finds.  
It does not matter how good your metal detector is, if you cannot read the beach. 
Beach and water reading skill's increase your chances of recovering jewelry and coins using a metal detector. 
This book will help you to identify potentially productive jewelry and coin sites at the beach. 
I am well known in beach and water hunting circles, for always being in the right place at the right time.
Now I share my site reading skill's and show you how it's done.
After reading this book you will never waste your valuable treasure hunting time again, by going directly to the most promising looking areas at the beach.
Put yourself in position to find more jewelry and coins by buying a copy today! 

$19.95 + $3.00 S & H (usa)
              $7.00 Worldwide 



This book caused quite a stir on the internet detecting forums, with my hardcore advice for metal detecting at heavily hunted beaches.
In my opinion, the old ways of beach and water hunting are well past their sell buy dates.
Leaving many beach and water hunters at a huge disadvantage jewelry and coin hunting at the beach. 
Through the years I have used my hardcore methods of beach and water hunting to leave the competition in my wake. 
Many common mistakes beach and water hunters make on heavily hunted beaches, can be easily corrected after reading this book. 
I identify those common mistakes and predictable practices, and explain how they limit your chances of finding jewelry and coins at the beach. 
You will find out how I beat the competition to the gold and see how the old ways of beach and water hunting are too outdated.
After reading this book, you will never show up to metal detect two hours before low tide again,  never over hunt the same beaches and look at beach and water hunting at tourist beaches in a whole new light.

96 pages of hardcore beach hunting advice, the answers to all of your questions on how to beat the competition to the finds.

WARNING!  This book is rated G for gold.  

              $19.95 + $3.00 S & H (usa)                  
                               $7.00  worldwide 
     Contact 1715hunter@bellsouth.net for overseas shipping information


My first Minelab CTX 3030 book is a must read for people new to the CTX 3030.
I designed the book specifically for beach and water hunters, giving a clear explanation of the controls.
The features and options on the CTX 3030 are explained through various chapters, with easy to follow instructions on how to best to set and use them. 
I was one of the first owners of this superb piece of treasure hunting equipment, I quickly found the many ways it can be effective on the beach and in the water. 
With the help of this book, you will learn how to customize the preset Beach Mode and hit the beach or water running. 
Get ahead of the learning curve, buy a copy of the book and see for yourself! 

90 pages including the following detailed chapters on how to get the best out of the CTX 3030 on the beach and in the shallow water.
CTX 3030 quick start guide 
Navigating the function buttons.
Smart coil beach tests. 
Target cursor placements on the Detect screen.
Rejecting common beach finds. 
Auto versus manual sensitivity settings. 
Target Trace explained.
The all metals mode and reverse hunting. 
Common beach target FE /CO numbers.
Advanced beach mode settings.
Custom beach patterns.
Beach and shallow water hunting tips. 


         $19.95 + $3.00 S & H (USA)   $7.00 S & H worldwide
           Overseas orders contact 1715hunter@bellsouth.net



The Minelab Sovereign series is legendary amongst beach hunters, the reason why so many beach hunter's are still swinging a Sovereign today. My beach hunters guide to the mighty Sovereign, will help both beginners and advanced beach hunters to get the most out of this metal detecting legend.  
Allow me to show you what this great metal detector is capable of, get your copy of my Sovereign book today!

 Basic to advanced Sovereign control settings. 
 Sovereign search coil and headphone selection.                                       How to read the beach and take advantage of the situation using the  awesome Minelab Sovereign.                                        
 Sovereign specific metal detecting techniques 
 Metal detecting search patterns and how best to use them on the beach.          Sovereign set up advice. 
 Sweep speed and search coil control, the keys to successful beach hunting. 
 Beach and shallow water hunting tips along with my unique beach treasure  hunting advice.
 45 Chapters of expert Sovereign beach hunting
 information and advic

                       $19.95 + $3.00  S & H  $7.00  S & H worldwide
For overseas orders please email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net


This book is a must read for beach hunters searching for old shipwreck coins and artifacts.
I share my knowledge and stories of metal detecting on the beaches of Florida in search of Spanish treasure, although the book is not just a Treasure Coast beach hunting guide.
All the search and metal detecting techniques can be used on any shipwreck beach in the world. 

Detailed informative advice for beach treasure hunting including:
How to read the beach.
When and where to find Spanish treasure
Site selection  
Equipment choices with VLF and pulse induction metal detector tips. 
The 1715 fleet wreck site locations
How to search an eroded beach and take advantage of the best time to find treasure. 
Plus many more effective tips and tricks to help you to find Spanish treasure on the beach.                       



                   $19.95 + $3.00 S & H $7.00 S & H worldwide
           Overseas orders please email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net 

       THE SHALLOW WATER HUNTERS GUIDE TO SOUTH FLORIDA                                                                                   


The beaches and shallow waters of south Florida are one of the best places in the world to find jewelry and coins. 
This book is designed to make metal detecting in south Florida easier. 
I have spilled the beans on the best places to find jewelry and coins, and added the search and metal detecting techniques I use. 
You've seen the finds and I know the sites, its time to buy the book! 

My south Florida water hunting guide includes the following:

Choosing the correct metal detecting equipment for shallow water hunting. 
Basic shallow water hunting skills. 
How to read the water to find the best areas to search 
VLF and pulse induction metal detector tips. 
How to deal with competition and still find jewelry in south Florida. 
My site rotation plan and how to avoid detection.
Search patterns and how to use search patterns to your advantage. 

PLUS detailed information on South Florida's top water hunting sites! 
From West Palm Beach down to the Florida keys, put yourself in the best spot's to find gold and silver jewelry. 


$19.95 + $3.00 S & H $7.00 S & H worldwide 
              Overseas orders please email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net 





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