Spanish 1715 fleet treasure ring, also known as the "Precious" 22.5K inca gold treasure ring with nine flawless Colombian emeralds. 
             A true beach treasure hunters find of a lifetime.


 Spanish 1715 fleet silver religious artifact recovered after a hurricane on a Treasure Coast beach in 2004.


Spanish bronze military buckles, recovered on the lower beach opposite a Spanish 1715 fleet shipwreck. The buckles were found a month apart at the same site. Check out the file marks on the left hand buckle and the buckle on the right still has the pin attached.


Spanish silver one reales, recovered on the beaches of the Treasure Coast of Florida. 


Hand made bronze galleon nail and lead split shot, this lead disc was attached to a length of chain. The projectile was fired out of a canon and used to take out a ships rigging. The rust from the chain is still visible on the lead disc, both artifacts were recovered on the same 1700s shipwreck beach.


Pieces of silver plate or dishes, recovered on a Treasure Coast beach after a hurricane in 2007


1830s Florida seminole indian war finds, recovered after huge swells had eroded an old beach side fort or military camp in late 2011. 


Seminole indian war gold, 1836 gold half eagle classic head type 1834-1838. Federal navy officers button, war of 1812 button, dandy button, eagle "A" artillery button and US button. 

A few of the many coins and artifacts recovered during filming of the History Channel TV show "The Curse of Oak Island" season two. 
Oak Island is located off the coast of Nova Scotia Canada, all of these finds were donated to the local museum.
     Colonial silver salt or sugar spoon handle from the late 1700s

                         Early 1700s iron trade or battle axe 


     Victorian broach recovered on the hill above the world famous  
     "Money pit" probably lost by a searcher. 


    Knights templar coin recovered on the ridge above the money pit. 


Old pewter buckle with tudor rose design, recovered on the hill above Smiths Cove along with several musket balls in the same area.  

Copper bracelet, navy button and copper ring, all found in the woods.

Musket balls and lead scrap from the making of musket balls, recovered on the old wharf beach. 

English copper coin from the 1700s, one of many copper  coins from the 1770s & 1600s recovered on the beaches at low tide around Oak Island. 

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