If you want to call yourself a treasure hunter you have to walk the walk, I refer to my magnificent Spanish 1715 fleet treasure ring as the "Precious."      
                  22K inca gold with nine flawless Colombian emeralds 


                    Silver religious artifact from the Spanish 1715 fleet 


 Spanish sword belt buckles, check out the file marks on the one buckle and    the buckle on the right still has the pin attached. 


                                 Spanish silver pieces of eight 


                         Arrow head ship spike and split shot 


                                        Pieces of silver plate 


                        Spanish and indian war artifacts 

                               Hammered 1603 silver 


                    Colombian emerald in an 22K gold wire bale
                                            Catholic seal ring 


                           Old scottish rite 33 degree ring 


                                  Spanish treasure ring 


                             WW2 training ground finds 

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