Hi and welcome to my website the perfect place to buy my books, look the part or book a lesson with the king of the Bobby Dazzlers!

    For beach treasure hunting / metal detecting lesson information
                        email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net 


My treasure hunting philosophy is simple, know how to read a site and the people using a site to locate and recover treasures. I use a metal detector but I also use my twin optical scanners to insure I am always in the right place at the right time. 


Check out my beach hunting books and merch page then see what it is possible to find with a metal detector on my treasure and jewelry pages. 

Take it from the king of the Bobby Dazzlers you just have to know where to look and how to put your search coil over it!

If you'd like to take up beach treasure hunting or you already have a little experience and want to go to the next level I offer one on one metal detecting or beach treasure hunting lessons in south Florida.
Learn how to detect and recover modern jewelry at tourist beaches or old Spanish treasure coins and artifacts at shipwreck beaches.

Email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net for lesson information & availability 

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